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Sample of Silicone Hot Stamping DiesSilicone Hot Stamping Dies

Based on its deep knowledge of all aspects of thermal labeling (machines, foils, marking tools), we have developed silicone stamping dies best suited to your specific requirements.

Our Silicone Dies are available in a variety of durometers (40-90 measured on a Shore A scale). 
These hot stamping dies are commonly used for application of hot stamping foil and heat transfers onto flat, contoured or cylindrical-shaped products.

When should you use them?

If you are planning to stamp onto course or rigid materials or round objects, a silicone die is most likely what you'll need. Stamping with silicone dies is much faster than stamping with metal dies and silicone dies can quickly, and easily bend or form to fit the specific shape of your product. 

Whether your die is multi-layer, flat, or curved, our dies will meet your expectation.

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