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P50-B semi-automatic press


Press for hot stamping of various objects.

P50-B semi-automatic press, available force: 500kg.
Vertical precision stroke guide, adjustable to 60 mm.
Ball head with 5 axes, adjustable stamping die.
1000 Watt heating assembly.
Type B1 stamping format: 80 x 120 mm.
Electrical foil advance, adjustable up to 350 mm.
Touch screen, making it easier to enter settings and memorize them.
Maximum operating rate: up to 3,600 cycles per hour.
Machine is set up on a table with a safety cover on three sides.
Certified for CE European safety standards.

Available as :
P50-TCA with sliding table.
P50-PR with rotary indexer.

Associated equipment :

- Many stamping formats.
- Safety light curtains.

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