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QUADRAX-2-2M2N Hot Stamping Machine


Hot stamping machine for cosmetics caps.

High-throughput machine for hot stamping of cosmetic caps with different shapes, including oval, cylindrical, triangular, square and polygonal.
Laser scanning technology for automatic programming.
CNC movements for up to 10 digital axes.
Patented CNC manipulators for loading and unloading.
The complete 80 x 200 mm plate is interchangeable and electric foil advance.
Magnetic + for quick exchange of silicone dies.
Design allows putting on production line, with a vibrating bowl or at the end of the injection press.
High throughput with up to 3,000 pieces per hour.
Touch screen, making it easier to enter settings and memorize them.

Training and commissioning on-site.
Certified for CE European safety standards.

Associated equipment :

- CVI: Quality control of the decoration.
- Silicone roller with foil advance.
- Interchangeable for silk-screening head.
- Flexible transport conveyor with station stops.
- Hopper and vibrating bowl feeder.

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