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P240-TCA-X hot stamping press


Semi-automatic press for hot stamping of various objects.

CER is a specialist in the application of transfer films to objects.
The technology allows the use of multi-color designs with metallic effects.
The film transfer is carried out by our subsidiary, CERFOILS, and applied with our machines which are well known for their performance and their precision.

P240-TCA-X press, with available force of up to 2,400 kg.
Vertical precision stroke guide, adjustable to 60 mm.
Ball head with 5 axes, adjustable stamping die.
Servo driven advance for pulling the image transfer film.
Control cells for the film on the X and Y axes.
Touch screen, making it easier to enter settings and memorize them.
Machine with safety barriers.
Certified for CE European safety standards.
Commissioning and training of production staff.

CER is part of the ITW Group