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MP50 Hot Stamping Press


Hot stamping presses for integration into production lines.

The MP50 and MP120 are hot stamping presses, very compact, which were developed to facilitate their integration into production lines.
The stamping press is controlled by a remote control assembly with PLC.
An Harting plug permits external control, and is controlled by the PLC.
Available printing force (500 and 1,200 kg).
Type B1 stamping format: 80 x 120 mm.
Ball head with 5 axes, adjustable stamping die.
1000 Watt heating assembly.
Vertical precision stroke guide, adjustable from 20 to 60 mm.
Electrical foil advance, adjustable up to 200 mm.
Maximum operating rate: up to 3,000 cycles per hour.

There is a CNC version for additional performance.

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