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Seal Bars and Gaskets

Silicone Coated Seal Jaws provide an effective solution for sealing package inconsistencies caused by food contamination, thick or multiple layers of film, product dust or particulate.

The partnership of a rigid, metal surface together with a compliant, silicone tool is an ideal combination for Flexible Packaging (Horizontal and Vertical). This attribute combined with the thermal conductivity of our formulations opens your process window resulting in consistent seal integrity, reduced scrap, improved throughput, and line efficiencies.

Silicone Seal Bars / Gaskets:

  • Non-Stick Properties
  • Direct-Bond Teflon®
  • Excellent Silicone-to-Metal Bond
  • Thermally Conductive
  • Heat Tolerant to 600F
  • FDA & 3A Formulations
  • Standard & Custom Sizes
  • Smooth & Textured Surfaces
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