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Semi- Automatic machine designed to print on glass bottles.

The P240-C-RMN machine is a versatile semi-automatic machine designed to print different families of glass bottle using rolling or vertical stamping.

  • Cylindrical
  • Square
  • Oval

Ideal for decorating several different products in small or average quantities. Speed can vary from 400 to 800 pph depending on the object to print

The P240-C-RMN machine (available force 2400 kg) is fitted with:

P240 cylinder head

  • Stroke adjustable from 20 to 60mm
  • Micrometric contact adjustment on the object (graduation 0,05mm)

Servo driven foil advance device:

  • Foil advance mechanism with revolving clamp plates and adjustable tension

Silicone Roller Head

  • Servo Driven
  • Head allows the complete decoration of over 360 degrees of a cylindrical object
  • Can also be used to roll on and decorate flat objects

Blocking Capability with interchangeable B6 head

Servo driven rolling device

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