ITW CER The Leading Global Hot Stamping Machine Manufacturer

...and supplier of foil hot stamping and foil printing machines, heat transfer product decorating equipment and consumables. Our customers utilize our special foils to decorate on products ranging from cosmetics to spirits, major household appliances, medical devices, automotive components, and consumer electronics. We support our foil stamp machine customers with an expert staff that is unrivaled in its experience and capability.

Benefits of Hot Stamping and Foil Heat Transfer

  • Metalized decoration (golds, silvers, colors)
  • Multi-color images applied in a single pass (transfer)
  • Option for tint on demand of the pigmented tapes and metalized foils
  • Dry process, no solvents, no inks, no need for any drying
  • Option to pause production while guaranteeing the success of the first impression
  • Simple process, requiring only limited operator training
  • Very low percentage of rejects
  • Unique option to engrave the piece to be decorated (by stamping) leaving the marking tamper-proof
  • No surface treatment required

How can our hot foil stamp printing machines fulfill your needs?

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ITW CER will exhibit at NPE show - May 7-11, 2018. Come to meet us and discover our new decorating solutions ! 

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